Thankful every day

Many of you may know Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. “gathering” is one of my favorite things to do. On the daily basis I have a small family of four (counting the dog!) Now I say small but by no means is it quiet around here. It’s amazing how much noise and chaos a small family of 3 (and a dog) can create! My extended family however (and by extended I simply mean getting together with my parents, siblings, and their children) is a slightly larger number of twenty! Yes, we are like gremlins. The simple act of getting together for dinner is like an episode of (insert any number of sitcoms where a large family gets together and there is non-stop talking, laughing, teasing, and unlimited amount of mishaps, here.) So Thanksgiving… where we add in-laws, Aunts and Uncles,  friends, and often times a lonely soul or two, there is never a dull moment. I am Thankful everyday for both my little and my large family. Thanksgiving is just a day where I am reminded of how connected I am to an amazing unit of genuinely good people who provide an unlimited amount of support, comfort, and laughter in this crazy life. And for that, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Oh and for the pumpkin pie! 😉

Starla Wise Photography 12 AC2017

Thanksgiving is also a time to remind my clients how Thankful I am for them. Getting to capture newborn babies in their first weeks of life is an amazing job. Watching them grow through their milestone sessions, the holiday cards I receive, and of course following the images you share, is so rewarding. I sincerely thank you all for your continued support, referrals, and friendships.  I wish you all a happy, safe, and grateful Thanksgiving.



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Bay Area Newborn Photographer ~ Discovery Bay, Brentwood ~ Oakley

Another curious one! I love sleeping babies. Not only because of how peaceful they look and easy they are to pose, but also because in the first days of life awake babies are usually cross eyed. They can’t quite focus on things and they try by putting their hands all over their face. But every now and then I will catch a nice shot with eyes open almost as if they meant to look right at me. This little girl did just that. Watching every move I made but always sure to pose when I pressed the shutter.

Starla Wise Photography 03 AG NB 04242017
Starla Wise Photography 04 AG NB 04242017
Starla Wise Photography 21 AG NB 04242017
Starla Wise Photography 35 AG NB 04242017

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Baby girl ~ Newborn Photograper ~ Brentwood Oakley, CA

Technology and social media play a vital role in owning a small business. Long, long ago people would visit local businesses because they drove by them, were referred by friends and people they trusted, or because the business name was familiar and long standing. Now a days businesses are found through word of mouth or search engines. Either your name comes up first or you have reviews on sites such as YELP. When it comes to finding someone to photograph your precious newborn baby people tend to do their research. That’s why I can never say enough how honored I am to be chosen. Even more so when the parents are in the field of pediatrics, nursing, or medicine. To have someone specially trained to handle and care for life itself, put their trust and confidence in me to handle their newborn baby truly means so much. I love what I do.

Starla Wise Photography 12 MK NB 03072017
Starla Wise Photography 18 MK NB 03072017
Starla Wise Photography 22 MK NB 03072017
Starla Wise Photography 28 MK NB 03072017


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Newborn baby girl ~ Oakley ~Antioch newborn photographer

This little cutie was so precious. She was very alert and wanted to be sure I didn’t get her to sleep. But with a few little whispers (and maybe some lights flashing in her eyes) she finally gave in! I was so excited to do this session. Her Daddy was a friend of my husband and I a long time ago in our younger years. It is amazing to see people you knew when they were younger come around with a newborn and a whole new “grown up” life! Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!


Photographed in studio at Starla Wise Photography ~ Oakley, CA

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One Year Milestone session ~ Starla Wise Photography

I had the pleasure of photographing this little man’s older sister when she was newborn. We did a 6 month and one year milestone for her. I was ecstatic when he arrived and big sister joined him in his newborn, 6 month, and now one year milestone session! I am so honored to be considered your family photographer. Thank you so much for sharing these milestone moments with me!

Isn’t he “One”derful?

Starla Wise Photography 15 RC 1 YR 04042017
Starla Wise Photography 29 RC 1 YR 04042017
Starla Wise Photography 08 RC 1 YR 04042017
Starla Wise Photography 06 RC 1 YR 04042017
Starla Wise Photography 01 RC 1 YR 04042017
Photographed in studio at Starla Wise Photography ~ Oakley, CA

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