About Me

If you’ve ever had to write an “About me” page then you’ll have empathy for how hard it is to do! I have a professional side that you will see from time to time, but to say that is “me” would be very misleading! If I had to describe myself in one word I would say silly, but it wouldn’t take long for you to realize I was merely trying to avoid the word dork!  I am simple. I love to laugh! My all time favorite jokes end with the phrase, “get it?” and I believe that family and great friends are both one and the same.  My husband and I have been together for 15 years and we have a beautiful daughter who is  9.  That is me in a nutshell!

I like to say I have a passion for photography but it’s probably better described as an obsession or if you ask my husband, a sickness.  My first after school and weekend job while in high school was as a photographer’s assistant.  The hands on education in the studio and on location ignited the spark I already had for photography. I have taken courses at the art studio of  UC Berkeley, workshops, and online classes in both photography and Photoshop. I travel annually to hands on workshops and conventions to continue my education  in skill and creativity  because I believe that you should never stop learning.

I started my photography journey photographing high school seniors, children, engagement sessions, you name it!  When I photographed my first newborn everything fell into place.  I put a lot more time into newborn sessions than all of the others but for some reason it felt like less work. I just knew this was my specialty and Starla Wise Photography was “born” (insert eye roll for my silly pun here!)

About me page complete. Whew! Mojito time.

M o d e l   C a l l